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Kool Kiddos is a label that believes in a line of kids wear and accessories through comfort, quality and fun. But not only this, its main goal lies in making the world a better place through designing great products that reach you.

Since, character products are a terrific way to share important messages and increase awareness among kids, here is our way forward to promote sustainability and environment-friendly habits because that’s exactly what our super girls taught us from the valley queens!

Nowadays, we are living in a world with extreme weather changes, environmental disasters, crimes in which the key role is played by humans like us. Such changes are undermining the lives of many globally and so we must begin to change the perspective of how we view the world and create environmental awareness. Caring about people, fighting for a better world against pollution and waste is an excellent empowering message that the valley girls taught us whilst proving to be an exceptional role model for the kids of today; no matter where we are, we all have a responsibility to fulfil.

This is why these 5 superheroes have become the reason for our kid’s fashion brand. Kool Kiddos offer comfy and playful designs that are produced for girls and boys with utmost care. Mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, bag packs and drawstring bags with hand drawn illustrations are some of the beautiful creations of our brand. Our clothing and accessory match great quality fabrics along with tailoring that is executed by professionals in a variety of sizes that do not wear out and can live through your children’s childhood.

What started as a story has since turned and expanded into an ideology of promoting a sustainable environment through a full lineup of apparel and accessories. We feature our work for fans out there with beautiful art that holds a message behind it and will remind them of being a responsible human every time they step out on their way to catch a game with friends. From design challenges to innovative new products, we are always finding new ways to give you one more reason to get our story and art seen in order to achieve our ultimate goal. With ever-changing illustrations and designs on kool kiddos, our motto remains the same – to have the best of both worlds.

All garments and accessories of kool kiddos value ethical production cycle, environmental and social responsibility to make another impressive example for our children and to be well received by the parents and their kids both.

All art prints from mugs, hoodies, t-shirts and drawstring bags are hand screen printed onto eco-friendly inks. They are perfect for outdoor games, parties, school gatherings and much more whilst contributing your part to create environmental awareness and help people. Our range can be found here on our online shop. Kool kiddos fashion brand is all about quality that feels super soft on your skin.

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