Hey kool Kiddos!

  • Valley Queen Fights the Grease Monster

    The children of Cosy-castle are in a spell casted by the Grease Monster, so all that they eat is oily fast food. How will the Valley Queens save these children and bring them to health?
  • Valley Queens - Saves the Lake

    The Valley Queens go to the lake for an outing with friends to see the lake in a very bad shape. The Valley Queens decide to clean it and their friends helped, along with a few other people.
  • Valley Queens and the Brave Students

    Principal of a school invites Valley Queen to help him raise awareness and clean the city. They made groups of students who cleaned their assigned areas wearing the Valley Queens’s shirts and hoodies and spread the awareness by using bags and other things in their day to day life and extending the message to their parents and family members.
  • Valley Queens and Lazy Children!

    Valley queens help the people of Parkland by making the children, who only like to use gadgets, play outside
  • Valley Queens and the Garbage Mistress!

    The valley queens fight ..against an evil woman, Garbage Mistress who wants to change the good and clean habits of the children of Cleanland. She sends her slaves as imposters to influnce them. How will the Valley Queens defeat her and her army?
  • Kool kiddos Collections!

      Kool Kiddos is a label that believes in a line of kids wear and accessories through comfort, quality and fun. But not only this, its main goal li...
  • Valley Queens! Protector of Nature

    The Valley Queens helped to stop cutting trees for a factory construction in a woodland. The Supergirls convinced the people of the valley to protest with them wearing their branded t-shirts. The protest was a success and the trees were saved.