Valley Queens and the Brave Students

“This place used to be so beautiful; our people have ruined it by their neglecting. There was never a day gone without tourists flooding to see the beauty of this place.” The principal thought as he stared out from his office’s window. This place was considered among the best in the world, and now it littered with garbage. No one cares about what they are doing to this wonderful city.

 He emerges from the deep thought, as there was a smile on his face and hope in his eyes. He decided something as it was a critical decision for his students’ future. With a clear mind, he now knows what needed to be done and for that, he had called the Valley Queens. They were kind-hearted and caring heroes and students just love them. The principal explained the situation to Valley Queens and asked them to guide the students and residents of this city. 

 Queens gathered all the students and explained the situation. To assist the Queens, they had made 5 groups of his students that would convey the message to their parents. The Queens arrived before time; each one was assigned with a team of students for the work. The teams selected their areas and got to work. Every team member was wearing the Clean Earth Kids hoodies and shirts of the Valley Queens and worked efficiently. They were wearing Clean Earth Flip Flops and were carrying Clean Earth multiple color Backpack to carry all the helping materials.

The message was conveyed by the students to their parents and family members, their bags and shoes also had massages and pictures from Valley Queens. Very soon, parents also joined the teams for cleaning the town. In record time, the town was as beautiful as before and a famous spot for tourists again. The principal thanked the Valley Queens and promised to keep the town clean.

These shirts, bags, hoodies and other stuff can be bought by you too. So ask your parents to these for you and convey the message of the Valley Queen to your town’s people as well.


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