Valley Queen Fights the Grease Monster

It was a crisis; many children of the Cosy-castle were getting obese and suffered from a number of diseases. The problem was not laziness or viral medicines it was the evil Grease Monster. He had made all the fast foods so addictive that the children only liked to eat them. The parents tried all sorts of tricks, punishments and grounding possibilities. The children would still only eat the oily food corrupted by the Grease Monster. They avoided vegetables and healthy fruits in all shapes. 

When things started getting out of hand, a doctor in Cosy-castle called the Valley Queens for help. He knew they would be able to explain the kids about the problems that could arise. However, somehow the Grease Monster got to know about their arrival of the Queens so he decided to attack.

 On the entrance of the town stood his army of Greasy Lillos waiting for the Valley Queens. Not expecting such a welcome, the Valley Queens were surprised when they detected the Lillos around them hidden. A fight of greasy food and Valley Powers was held and won. 

The Valley Queens had understood that all of this was caused by an Evil creature, so they spread the knowledge among everyone and distributed tees and hoodies that had messages printed on them, from the Queens. And the next day the Queens along with a few children went to fight against the Greasy Monster and won. The magic done by the monster was broken and children were back to normal. Soon the kids started insisting on eating the vegetables and healthy fruits as their tees said that tey were good for health. 

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