Valley Queens - Saves the Lake

“Bubble-Gum, race with me to the lake!”

The Valley Queens were out on the lake with some friends enjoying the warm sunny day. They loved this lake as it had a lot of fishes and other animals like dolphins. However, today something was different the fishes were hardly there, and the water seemed slightly different. Bubble-gum, who was racing with Ora, reached the lake first and jumped in the water only to be stuck in something. 

“Ooh no. what is this?” bubble-gum cried she raised her arm to see a big plastic bag wrapped around it. She dipped down, activated her under-water sight, and saw many plastic shopping bags floating around in the lake. The fishes were hardly there and difficult to find. She came out of the water and gathered everyone around her. She explained everyone the situation and they, collectively, decided what they were going to do about it. 

In a few hours, all of their friends were there with tools to clean the Lake. They all set to their work and soon other people, who were visiting the lake, joined the Queens and their friends. As the day passed, it got colder so the Valley Queens gave away tees and hoodies to the all the people that were helping as a gift. 

It took all the people, who had continued wearing the hoodies and tees every day, a week to finish the work and soon the lake was cleaner than before. The fishes too returned and thanked the Valley Queens for cleaning their home. The Valley Queen’s helpers continued to spread their message, by wearing their merchandise, of cleaning the water bodies so everyone could get cleaner water to drink, use and swim.

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